Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid funding begins to disburse to enrolled student accounts two business days prior to the start of the semester. Your account must meet the following criteria for aid to disburse.

  • Completed all financial aid requirements listed on TUportal
  • Enrolled at least half time, or full time depending on the type of aid
  • Complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling requirements through This is necessary for federal student loans, including PLUS loans, to disburse. 

Disbursement dates for the academic year can be found under the disbursement policy on the Student Financial Services website.


How will my financial aid be applied?

Financial aid is directly applied to your university student billing account when disbursement begins. Grants, scholarships and loans administered by Student Financial Services are first applied to the student account balance to pay tuition, fees, Temple housing or any Temple meal plan.

If the disbursed financial aid exceeds the charges on the your account, then the excess funds are released as a refund. Refunds are processed either through direct deposit to a linked bank account or a check mailed to the address as listed on TUportal. 


Special note to students enrolled less than full-time status

Most financial aid is based on full-time enrollment. If you are not enrolled full time before the end of the add/drop period, there may be a delay in disbursement for certain types of aid, such as the Parent PLUS loan, Graduate PLUS loan, a private alternative loan, a PA state grant or scholarship funding. These forms of aid will not be adjusted and disbursed until after the add/drop period for the university is complete.