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What is Financial Aid?

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid is monetary assistance consisting of multiple funding sources to help you cover the cost of your education. These sources may include grants, scholarships and/or loans. Temple University‚Äôs affordability coupled with industry-leading academic programs makes it the perfect choice for you. Temple offers various options to make your education affordable. From federal and state grants to scholarships to student employment opportunities to grow your professional skills, a world class education is within your reach.

Financing Your Education

Temple University recognizes that you may require financial assistance with covering the total cost of attendance. Some students (or family members) borrow money in the form of loans to further offset your total cost of attendance. Upon filing a FAFSA, you may become eligible for a federal loan. In addition to federal loans, you or a family member may seek loans through a private lending agency.

Military Education Benefits

Veterans or their dependents may be eligible to use military education benefits towards their educational expense. If you are a veteran or the dependent of one, then begin the process by applying for benefits through the Veterans Affairs. If you are transferring to Temple University, update the school, program and other information for your benefits by following the steps on the Veterans Affairs website. In addition to receiving military education benefits, you should complete a FAFSA to ensure you receive all eligible funds.