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Payment & Billing

University student account balances are maintained by the Bursar’s Office, which notifies you via email when there is a balance due available to view on TUpay. Balances are also viewable on the Costs & Aid tab of TUportal.

Accepted financial aid for the semester will be applied directly to charges on the account. Student Financial Services will begin to disburse financial aid two business days prior to the official start of the semester. Any credit balance available after aid is applied to the account balance will be released as a refund.


Payment Options

Deferred Payment Plan

For the fall and spring semesters, students that do not pay the total account balance by the first balance due date will be automatically enrolled in the university’s deferred payment plan. This plan provides additional time to pay the balance by extending the due date to the final due date for the semester. Students will be assessed a $50 nonrefundable payment plan fee each semester to defer payment until the final due date. Students do not have to sign up for this payment plan.

Temple Installment Payment Plan

TIPP is an interest-free prepayment plan administered on behalf of the university by Nelnet Campus Commerce. The plan allows Temple students to make up to 10 regularly scheduled monthly payments starting in May towards their future charges (five payments for fall and five payments for spring). 


Will anticipated aid impact my account balance?

Because the initial account balance for a semester is listed before financial aid for the semester is disbursed, there will be a section on TUpay for ‘Anticipated Aid.’ The Anticipated Aid section includes any financial aid funds assumed to credit to your account based on your financial aid offer. Disbursement of financial aid for the semester typically begins two business days prior to the official start date of the semester. When the financial aid is officially credited to your account, it will be removed from the Anticipated Aid section and be listed as a credit. 

Some sources of aid will not appear on TUpay as anticipated aid until the funding is actually received by Temple University. This includes private scholarships or third-party billing credits. Any federal PLUS loan funding or private student loan funding will not appear as anticipated aid until the application is certified by Student Financial Services.


Authorized Payer

An authorized payer has access to the same information in TUpay as the student and receives an email notification each time a balance due email notification is sent for the student. An authorized payer can review the student account in TUpay as well as make an online payment. Being authorized as a payer is not the same thing as being FERPA waived.